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På sporet

På Sporet is a residence for adults aged 18 and over with mental retardation and autism spectrum disorders. We also gladly open our doors to adults with developmental disabilities with other diagnoses and with an equally great need for structure, such as ADHD.

På Sporet is housed in a large, beautiful and modernized property from 1891. The property is located directly opposite the station in Mørkøv, which lies between Holbæk and Kalundborg in West Zealand. There are train connections from here to Kalundborg and Copenhagen.

With our residence for the developmentally disabled, we want to create a place with a familiar and safe atmosphere. We believe that such an environment creates fertile ground for personal development and good friendships.

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Botilbud §107


Catja Larsen


ADHD, Udviklingshæmning


18-23 år, 24-30 år, +30 år