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Fårevejle Kirkebo  is a newly opened residence located in Fårevejle Kirkeby in Odsherred Municipality.

We have a large house of almost 2,000 square meters and offer 20 large individually decorated rooms with their own entrance and bathroom. In addition, we have a large gym, common areas, classrooms and a large professional kitchen where all our food is prepared.

The 1,500 square feet of ground floor are particularly suitable for wheelchair users and physically handicapped citizens.

Audience,  approach and methods as well as tariffs and quality are described in the attached standard description.

Switch, Contact:

You are always welcome to call, email or visit to see our framework if you want a non-binding offer to a citizen.

We can be found on the offer portal and you can read more about our background and approach on our website  www.faarevejlekirkebo.dk

For questions about finances and tariffs – contact Sisse Novrman –  sn@faarevejlekirkebo.dk  – tel. 2077-1818

For questions about educational and treatment content – contact Mette Holst,  mh@faarevejlekirkebo.dk  – tel. 2489-4509

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