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We are an independent institution under YMCA’s social work

We have 16 24-hour places in book collective according to §110 of the Service Act and 6 places according to §107 of the Service Act. Attached is a rented land area of 5 km. east of Lemvig.
Borgerskolen is a small day institution (boform) in the center of Lemvig. We are housed in an old restored school close to the harbour, church, pedestrian street and Lake Lemvig.

Here, between sea and fjord, we offer a warm and developing social community.

We address adults who want to tackle major social problems. Common to all is a need for more quality of life and self-esteem, and to find “the common thread” in life through active actions for which one takes responsibility.

The reason for contacting can be: drug abuse, feelings of loneliness, psychological problems and life crises in general.

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Socialt tilbud med ledige pladser



Tine Olesen


Alkoholmisbrug, Stofmisbrug


18-23 år, 24-30 år, +30 år



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