Fællesbo Kirkegade’s target group is people with permanent physical and mental impairment – the developmentally disabled. They are all placed in a long-term housing arrangement according to §108 or temporary clarification according to §107 of the Social Services Act. The citizens may have a milder psychiatric superstructure and/or autistic traits. All citizens on Fællesbo Kirkegade are mobile. At Fællesbo Kirkegade there is no night watch, which the individual citizen must therefore be comfortable with.

A good place to stay

At Fonden Fællesbo Grindsted, we aim for citizens to experience a predictable and safe daily life in their homes. Our slogan about  “a good place to live” is based on more and other things than that. At Fællesbo, citizens must feel valued in the community, whereby our shared flat becomes the centre. Here, food is cooked together with the citizens, games are played and everyday life is talked about over a cup of coffee. At the same time, citizens have their own homes to which they can retreat and invite friends to visit. Citizens’ homes are also the framework for providing the educational support and guidance that is needed, so that the individual can develop to master himself as much as possible – socially as well as practically. At the same time, the citizen must feel safe and valued in the relationship with the staff. Here, the citizen comes to the center of an appreciative and respectful get-together. All together to ensure that the citizens at Fællesbo are guaranteed  a good place to live…

Overall philosophy & approach

In our overall philosophy, we see the individual as unique and with inherent resources. This means that we start from the individual’s resources in daily tasks and in the social interaction with the outside world. We work with independence, self-reliance and taking responsibility and taking part in one’s own life. We support and guide the individual citizen to make independent choices/decisions. The community is highly valued, therefore efforts are made to give the individual citizen an experience of being important and contributing to the community. We see the work with relationship formation as elm trees, as this helps to shape the individual’s identity and behaviour.

Our ambition at Fællesbo Kirkegade is to create a framework so that the individual citizen makes optimal use of his resources. The framework is set in such a way that the individual citizen can express his wishes as well as show initiative and stand up for himself, thereby optimizing the possibility of a sense of quality of life.

The daily work is organized based on the individual needs of the citizens, based on the individual’s action plan.

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